Why you need great customer service

Customer Service Quality Communication PurIn order to be successful at any endeavor, one has to recognize the essentials necessary to accomplish that feat. It’s the same in customer service. What essentials are required to create great customer experiences that result in maximum customer retention? I’ll give you six characteristics that I believe are key ingredients.

Reliability – Customers expect product/service providers to be dependable and true during interactions. Take your home electricity – so long as you pay the invoice you expect the lights to come on when you flip that switch. Do clients consider your organization to be reliable? These are key factors to providing a fantastic customer experience.

Competence – This attribute measures skill and knowledge level in relation to the product/services. If you surveyed your customer, what would they say about the degree of proficiency exhibited by those within your organization? When the interaction begins, will your customer know more about your products/services than front line personnel and others within your organization? Be certain that everyone within your organization is a product/service expert so as to be given a high rating for proficiency.

Responsiveness – When clients enter your brick and mortar location, call on the telephone, email or initiate a internet chat, how long does it take for someone to acknowledge their presence? How long are your customers waiting for service? When issues arise, how long before the situation is addressed and a settlement given to the customer? The responsiveness clock is ticking on your customer’s head while waiting to be serviced or to receive a reply to inquiry.

Courtesy – In my view, this one is the simplest characteristics to exhibit. If there is one thing which we can all control is our ability to be kind and polite. All clients deserve common courtesy. Body language and facial expressions also contribute to the courtesy element. What score will your customer contact personnel receive for courtesy?

Credibility – Can your client deem your company as credible? This characteristic is an image builder. We are taking about trustworthiness here! Does your performance match what you advertise? Choosing to take the steps necessary to guarantee credibility helps to create a reputation for believability. One act by a single person which puts your organization’s credibility into question can be an image killer.

Consistency creates long term customers. Consider this – If your company is consistently reliable, competent, responsive, courteous and credible, you are likely providing many great customer experiences. Consistency means establishing a pattern of behaviour. Does your customer’s rating of your company indicate a pattern of terrific behaviour in regards to the customer experience? Can your client depend upon your organization to provide a high level of service every time they decide to utilize your products/services? The capability to intermittently exercise the five aforementioned features will not assist in your quest to provide great customer service. When consistency is added, long term retention is typically the result. Exercising these characteristics will help your organization in its quest to offer great customer experiences!

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